***Guide to Med School***
This is an 83 page PDF that will answer most of
your questions about med school; I recommend
that you all read through it at sometime during the
application process, sooner rather than later.


American Association of the Medical Colleges

Kaplan Test prep website. Use this website to access all your coursework.

Practice MCAT
Take a practice MCAT to become familiar
with the MCAT software

Student Doctor Network
SDN is a forum where you can find a lot of information
about the MCAT and all other Med School related topics

Important MCAT Dates
A list of MCAT test dates, registration deadlines
and the score release dates.

MD Applicants
A database of other applicants and their scores.
You can see how similar applicants fared when they applied.

Sultan Babar,
Jan 23, 2012, 10:25 AM